CIO Magazine: November 15, 2007

As CIO Role Evolves, IT's Never Easy

Consumer IT in the enterprise is the new challenge. Google CIO Douglas Merrill and IBM CEO Sam Palmisano share their thoughts on the CIO role.

A Tale of Two CIOs

IT is both utility and innovation engine. But what does that mean for CIOs?

People More Important Than IT Business-Alignment

Alignment takes backseat to retention, says SIM study.

Lax Laptop Security Can Be Dangerous...and Expensive

Survey suggests travelers need to do more to lock down their laptops.

Evian Jumps Into Second Life

Evian Natural Spring Water has just announced its very first venture into the virtual world, partnering with Second Life.


Five Things Tom Perkins Has Learned About Business

VC legend Tom Perkins shares his thoughts on CIOs, bringing new technology to market, and the Hewlett-Packard affair

Why You Should Create a Vendor Management Office

Combining information technology savvy with legal and procurement expertise in a vendor management office can yield both better deals from vendors and strong relationships with them.

Beyond Peter Pan: How ConAgra's Pot Pie Recall Bakes In Hard Lessons for Supply Chain Management

From peanut butter to toys to pot pies to bikes, product recalls are on the rise. Will your supply chain be ready when you have to run it backward in order to track, trace and collect a recalled product?

Reader Q&A: Fostering strategic thinking in your organization

How to get your organization thinking strategically

Can't Innovate? It's Management's Fault (Really!)

Business strategy guru Gary Hamel blames obsolete management practices for your failure to establish a culture of innovation. One solution: Stop focusing on efficiency.

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