CIO Magazine: December 1, 2007

Consultants Seeking CIO Job Should Think Small

Smaller companies with growth goals often seek to leverage a consultant's experience working in different industries or with other companies in the same industry.

IT Complexity Is Costly if You Don't Take Steps Now

Each new product, process or function adds complexity that stresses the legacy system and strains the CIO's carefully constructed architecture, spring a leak and have to shut down.

Consumer Tech: The New Complexity Add

Fitting the iPhone, MySpace and Facebook into the enterprise increases complexity.

Strategies for Dealing With IT Complexity

Every innovation, every business process improvement, comes with an IT complexity tax that must be paid by CIOs in time, money and sweat. Here are strategies to mitigate the increasing complexity of IT as it enables new business.

A Proud Member of the LinkedIn Generation

How one baby boomer executive learned to love the social network for business contacts. Don't ask him to be a Facebook friend, though.

Holiday Gift Guide 2007: Best Technology Bling

You've been good, right? Check out our five suggestions for your holiday wish list, or get some gift-giving ideas. From portable GPS units to Swarovski crystal-encrusted USB memory keys, our 2007 holiday gift guide glitters.

Operational Business Intelligence: Spot Problems Sooner

Nancy Drew's got nothing on operational business intelligence (BI). This valuable sleuthing tool helps business teams identify and fix problems earlier in manufacturing and business processes.

How to Become a Market-Savvy CIO

The CIO of Quest Diagnostics studies technology trends, customer needs and market drivers to develop IT-enabled products and services that create competitive advantage.

What Does It Mean to Have Market Knowledge?

IT leaders who excel at understanding their company's market can make strategic decisions about technology and business trends, say consultants from Egon Zehnder International

How to Comply With E-Discovery Rules Before You're Hit With a Lawsuit

Your corporate e-mail is now choice evidence when—not if—your company is sued. Here are five steps to help you stay on the right side of the law.

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