CIO Magazine: January 1, 2008

Laptops of the Future Promise Sleek Designs, Smarter Storage

What's coming up next for enterprise laptops? Sleek designs, slimmer profiles, smarter storage and faster bootups.

How IT Departments Can Learn to Say Yes to End Users

You say yes when business colleagues ask for something new, but usually you don't really mean it. That won't fly anymore. An expert in IT organizations advises how to adjust your (and your team's) attitude.

How a CIO Can Survive a New CEO

As Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and Time Warner lose their CEOs, the IT groups at those companies face major changes.

You're Fired! What a High-Profile Termination Means to a Career and Tips for Rebounding from Controversy

Executive recruiters say a public firing such as Microsoft's ex-CIO Stuart Scott endured can seriously injure a career but doesn't have to end one.

Intelligent Notification: Another Reason the Apple iPhone May Soon Infiltrate Your Business

A new application from intelligent notification vendor MIR3 promises suggests Apple's iPhone may soon find a place within your enterprise walls.

IT Fails To Communicate Business Value of Core Software

Businesses need to manage core software assets such as ERP systems for value creation, not cost containment, new research says. But 60 percent of CIOs and CFOs don't even understand the size of those assets.

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