CIO Magazine: January 15, 2008

HP's Evolution

The high-tech vendor community just wrapped up a great year. But only one company had a year for the record books: Hewlett-Packard.

Truth and Meaning

When it comes to running a business, it helps to know what you're talking about

How Master Data Management Unified Financial Reporting at Nationwide Insurance

As Nationwide grew, its data became siloed and scattered, making it increasingly difficult for the company to get an accurate picture of its finances. Here's how it brought all that data into focus.

End Users Are Not Your Customers

Direct Energy's CIO is trying to change the perception that IT's customer is the internal employee in order to foster a focus on what matters most. The language he uses to talk about customers, colleagues and IT projects is key.

How to Use Enterprise Blogs to Streamline Project Management

Too many enterprise users get lost in storms of reply-all e-mails while trying to manage projects or collaborate. Blogs make a better answer. Here's how two IT leaders made it work at their enterprises.

China to Produce More Than 40 Percent of the World's Mobile Phones in '07, Report Predicts

Roughly 500 million of the world's mobile phones, or more than 40 percent of the global total, were or will be produced in China this year, according to the country's Ministry of Information Industry.

Can Mid-Market Merchants Comply with PCI Standards In Time?

Companies that don't comply to the payment card industry security standards face fines or worse. So why aren't more mid-market merchants already in compliance?

Why Should Merchants Keep Credit Card Data?

The retail industry advocates keeping a bare minimum of customer financial information. Just enough to still serve your customers without providing potential thieves what they need.

E-Mail Analysis Snooping in Your In-Box

An open-source algorithm is being investigated for analyzing corporate e-mail to flag employee behavior and attitudes.

Greenpeace: Sony Ericsson Most "Green" Electronics Company; Microsoft, Nintendo Take Last-Place Slots

Greenpeace's quarterly guide is meant to motivate electronics manufacturers into reducing toxic materials in their products, as well as to improve their recycling efforts.

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