CIO Magazine: January 15, 2008

Five Steps to Take If Your Outsourcing Service Provider Is Sold

Merger activity is on the uptick among IT service providers and experts say the industry is ripe for more consolidation. Here's how to protect your company if your outsourcing provider is sold.

Extreme Commuting More Popular than Relocation Among Executives

Long commutes may suck, but they sure beat moving for a new job, according to a Korn/Ferry survey.

Are You Satisfied with Senior Management? It Depends on Where You Live

The biggest influence on employee approval: what workers value in corporate managers.

How to Find and Fix 10 Real Security Threats on Your Virtual Servers

VM Sprawl. Hypervisor holes. Rogue virtual machines. Network traffic gone bad. What are the biggest virtualization security risks now and how can you combat them? It's time to separate fact from fiction and get down to work.


Five Things Tom Ridge Has Learned About Risk

Tom Ridge, first U.S. secretary of homeland security, speaks out on the need to battle complacency in the corporate and political spheres.

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