CIO Magazine: February 1, 2008

For a Gender-Balanced Workforce, Businesses Should Copy Xerox's Approach

As the readers of this magazine and website create a more gender-balanced workforce, the better their perspective on their customers' needs will be and the more innovative their solutions will become.

Gen Y, Gen X and the Baby Boomers: Workplace Generation Wars

As Boomer bosses relinquish the reins of leadership to Generation X, both are worrying about Generation Y. For the good of the enterprise, everyone needs to do a better job of getting along.

Electronics Recycling Gets Vendor Push

Mandate would create a level playing field for manufacturers, reduce production costs.

Global Team Management: It's a Small World After All

More and more CIOs find themselves managing global virtual teams. The European members of CIO's Executive Council have pulled together a playbook of best practices.

Tales from the Darkside: 8 IT Strategic Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Want to prevent your next plan from landing in the trash? Avoid these most common pitfalls.

Four Strategic Planning Myths Debunked

Think you can get by without a IT strategic plan? Think again.

How to Get Real About Strategic Planning

Everyone agrees that having a strategic plan for IT is a good thing but most CIOs approach the process with fear and loathing. In fact, the majority of CIOs (and the enterprises they work for) are faking it when it comes to strategic...

Four Tips for Better Business Intelligence in 2008

Avalanches of data and the need for better decisions mean it's time to take BI to the next level. Aberdeen offers ways to make achieving that next level easier.

SharePoint 2007 Demystified: How to Cash in on Collaboration Tools

Previous versions of Microsoft's collaboration tools lacked management prowess. SharePoint 2007 fixes that problem and packs in a sometimes confusing array of features from workflow to search. Here's how to make it work for you.

Tool Pushes Corporate Data to Employee Facebook Pages

Startup WorkLight's tool allows a company's employees to share business information over Facebook, while keeping it invisible to the Facebook community at large.

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