CIO Magazine: February 1, 2008

Tool Pushes Corporate Data to Employee Facebook Pages

Startup WorkLight's tool allows a company's employees to share business information over Facebook, while keeping it invisible to the Facebook community at large.

2008: The Year Only the Strong IT Leaders Survive

More job opportunities exist for CIOs today than ever before, but more competition from business executives for those jobs and rigorous selection processes are making it harder to land them.

RFID Chips in Your Magazines

Who's reading magazines and how do they flip through the pages? One research company is using RFID technology to find out.

Gartner Ranks Top 30 Countries for Offshore IT Services

Gartner offers a list of the top thirty offshore outsourcing options around the globe.

IT Value: What It Really Means

What's IT worth? If end users are to understand, says our columnist, you have to tell them exactly what they get for their money.

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