CIO Magazine: March 1, 2008

Trendlines: New, Hot, Unexpected

In this issue: Questions raised by after an Internet cable breaks in the Mediterranean; How Google Apps bypass IT; India's outsourcers take aim at infrastructure management; How well does your IT shop welcomes new hires?; A growing...

How to Spot a Bad CIO

A look at the conversation initiated by Senior Editor Meridith Levinson, about how IT assesses the quality of a CIO.

Are You Green?

A talk with Michael Dell about energy efficiency.

20 Things You Can Do In 20 Minutes to Be More Successful at Work

There are things you can do in just 20 minutes that can have a meaningful and even a long term positive effect on your IT organization, your career, your technology knowledge, your management skills and your relationship with the...

How to Get the Most From Unified Communications

Make no mistake: It's a big project to choose and roll out one system for voice, IM and video conferencing. Still, more CIOs are now using unified communications systems, to keep colleagues and customers in constant touch.

Managing Change: Three Phases of an IT Organization Transformation

The CIO of London-based home improvement retailer Kingfisher had to optimize operations and give business leaders a strong voice in governance before he could innovate with technology.

Why You Need More Than One Software Vendor

Lining up a single vendor to supply most of your software seems easy but isn't always smart, says an IT management expert. With fewer vendors to choose from these days, it's best to hedge your bets.