CIO Magazine: March 15, 2008

Chief Enabling Officer

Everyone knows the CIO role is changing, but for better or worse?

Trendlines from 3/15/08: New, Hot, Unexpected

In this issue: The executive level job market; Microsoft opens its APIs; How to find a mentor; Staffing in a recession; IT spending eases off; Blackberry tips; and Consumer tech by the numbers.

Models for Global IT Governance

You need a governance model for managing a global IT organization that supports clear decision making, oversight and visibility into what's happening across time zones and continents.


Five Things Don Tapscott Has Learned about Collaboration

Wikinomics author Don Tapscott says transparency and collaboration are central to business success today.

The Art of the New Deal

Take it from the masters of vendor management: Despite a looming recession, now is the right time to push vendors for a better deal and to make industry consolidation work for you.

Little Printers, Big Expense: How to Control Imaging Costs

Most companies waste one percent to three percent of revenue on imaging. Here's how to change that, while you improve business process and cut energy consumption.

How to Tell Your Boss That There's No Free Lunch

You've been asked to do a project that's not in your IT budget. Time to muster your diplomatic skills and help your boss or business colleagues decide which other projects they're willing to delay or give up instead.

Companies Explore Virtual Worlds As Collaboration Tools

Virtual worlds like Second Life aren't just for games; companies are experimenting with virtual environments for everything from training exercises to meeting spaces for remote workers. But the technology still has pitfalls.

How to Keep Wall Street Analysts Happy

Most financial analysts aren't experts on technology, but they know how to spot an IT-induced financial fire. Here are three hot spots to avoid.

It Worked For Me: Career Advice from Top CIOs

Top CIOs share the best career advice they ever got and explain how it helped them get ahead.

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