CIO Magazine: April 1, 2008

Out of Control

Sometimes to stay in control, you have to let go.

Who Will Teach?

We need science and technology teachers—and the money to pay them

Outsourcing: The Pros and Cons of Offshore Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote infrastructure management outsourcing—the hot buzzword for offshoring IT operations work—is big business for India's IT services providers and a competitive imperative for U.S.-based outsourcers. But it may not be right for you....

Do You Know Where Your Infrastructure Is Managed?

Vendors don't always have to tell you when they send work offshore.

The Greening of IT

Green is good—and good for business. Our exclusive survey shows just how IT leaders are balancing the twin imperatives of running a profitable business and a cleaner one.

Cloud Computing: Tales from the Front

Goodbye big data centers, hello applications running in the cloud? Behind the hype around cloud computing, CIOs are figuring out when and how to use cloud options wisely.

How to Stay Focused on the Business Results of IT

Humana CIO Bruce Goodman learned how to reap financial results from IT by understanding in detail the ways his company makes money.