CIO Magazine: September 15, 2008

Knowing Things Need to Change is Only Half the Battle

New ideas are all well and good. But do you have a plan?

Let's Vent

Because sometimes you just have to let off steam

The Wisdom of Cloud Computing

A hot technology must weather stability, security and support issues to win over large enterprises

Spam from Angeline Jolie, Security Risks of Working from Home, Web 2.0 Adoption and more

This issue of Trendlines from the 9/15/08 Issue of CIO magazine covers Data Centers, Web 2.0 adoption, India and R&D, Celebrity Spam, Security and Telework and more.

Hot Jobs: IT Security Manager

The need for a dedicated person in charge of IT security is on the rise in the wake of recently publicized incidents involving system hacks and stolen computers.

Is It Time For Employee-Provisioned Hardware Programs?

Employee provisioning of laptops and PDAs is the next logical step in the consumerization of IT. But figuring out the right parameters can be tricky.

How to Partner With the Business

Reshape IT culture to partner strategically with the business

Why Specific Tech Experience Shouldn't Define the CIO Resume

Even when companies say they want a CIO with detailed technical knowledge, fulfilling their expectations can prevent you from being effective.


5 Things iRobot President Helen Greiner Has Learned About Innovation

Helen Greiner is president and cofounder of iRobot, a company that invents military and household robots. Innovation, she says, is the essence of her business.

Blackberry and Email and Videoconferencing. Oh My!

Unified communications promises to integrate your Blackberry, your email and any other tools and devices you use to communicate and collaborate at work. Early adopters share four keys to successful implemenation.

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