CIO Magazine: October 15, 2008

Why Technology Isn't The Answer To Better Security

You've beefed up your IT security arsenal, and you're focused on compliance. But you're still vulnerable. Here's why.

Hot Jobs: Database Administrator

A company's data is its lifeblood and requires an experienced, skilled steward at the helm. Enter the DBA.

How to Renegotiate an Outsourcing Contract

CIO tips for getting what you want from the vendor

Cybersecurity, Password Recall, IT Culture and More

This issue of Trendlines from the 10/15/08 issue of CIO magazine covers cybersecurity in the U.S., tips for remembering passwords, why IT teams need a culture overhaul, the U.S. border's database and more.

Acceptable Risk

So the economy's tanking; it's no time to blink.

Dazzled by the Glitz

It's easy to get swept up in the next new thing.

How to Overcome the Obstacles to Mobile Enterprise Apps

There's help, and some tools, for IT departments challenged with taking enterprise departments wireless

So You've Inherited a Crummy Outsourcing Contract...

CIOs share tips for fixing problem relationships

These Boots Were Made for Tracking: Nine West Tries On RFID Strategy

Footwear giant Nine West joins a long list of retailers in search of the RFID Holy Grail: item-level RFID tracking. Will the move be a good fit? Even the mighty Wal-Mart has struggled to cash in on this technology.


Five Things Linus Torvalds Has Learned About Managing Software Projects

It's hard enough for managers to motivate and track employees whose livelihood depends on doing a good job. Imagine the project management task for Linux, the free software operating system. Linus Torvalds explains how he keeps the...

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