CIO Magazine: November 1, 2008

Bechtel's New Benchmarks

The company's goal is to bring IT costs in line with today's online powerhouses

Hot Jobs: Software Implementation Analyst

The bridge between the software developer and the IT infrastructure team.

Building the Future

Companies need to plan today to thrive tomorrow

Change IT's Image

Great teachers will inspire kids to pick tech careers

Why Corporate Fraud Freaks You Out, Limits to In-Flight Wi-Fi, R&D Tax Credit Extended and More

This issue of Trendlines from the 11/1/08 Issue of CIO Magazine covers Corporate Frauds, In-Flight Wi-Fi, R&D Tax Credit, Social Software and more.

2008 CIO Hall of Fame

This year's inductees truly epitomize business technology leadership

Finding a Way to the Cloud

Bechtel has bet its IT future on cloud—or on-demand—computing. But for many IT organizations, the concept remains pie-in-the-sky, according to our survey.

Security Breaches: Three Tools for Preventing Data Loss

Protecting against data loss from security breaches requires a combination of tools to secure networks, sysetms and data

Teaching Future CIOs the Ropes

Who will fill your shoes? The CIO of BAE Systems' Customer Solutions group shares his method for encouraging and training potential succesors

What CIOs Can Learn From Hollywood

The movie industry's history of dissing new technology offers lessons for anyone trying to introduce innovation

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