CIO Magazine: December 1, 2008

How to Get the Most from Storage Virtualization

To get all the benefits of storage virtualization, make sure you've accounted for possible interoperability and infrastructure headaches.

Windows 7 and Your Next OS Upgrade

Skipping Vista? Some reasons to rethink that decision.

Running Your Own Technology Company

CIOs who want to run the show as CEO are finding that technology companies are a natural fit.

Everyone Works at Home at Chorus, Part Three

Managers and staff at a small software company adjust to telecommuting and share their keys to success.

Everyone Works at Home at Chorus, Part Two

In this story, the second of three parts, a small software company establishes work-at-home policies and figures out how to provide remote tech support.

Everyone Works at Home at Chorus, Part One

How a small software company is saving money, reducing employee stress and improving productivity and customer satisfaction by closing its offices and going virtual. The first of three parts.

Flexible Workplace: Lots of Talk, Little Action

Employers are missing opportunities to harness the business value associated with workplace flexibility for employees.

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