CIO Magazine: March 1, 2009

Early Adopters: Harrah's Entertainment Tests the Business Case for Surface Computing

Microsoft Surface technology helps the gaming company sell more drinks.

Mobile Money Transfer Service Puts More Cash in Consumer's Pockets

In Kenya, business owners use a mobile money transfer service to help customers get access to cash

Technology and Your Company's New Business Model

If your company is reinventing itself, IT plays a role. But CEOs set the agenda for change, says Innosight Chairman Mark Johnson.

How Blockbuster is Updating Its IT Infrastructure

New servers, supply chain apps and customer-facing kiosks back up Blockbuster's new business strategy

IT Budget & Staffing Survey Shows Bleak Year Ahead for CIOs, IT Staffs

A recent CIO magazine survey sees dwindling IT budgets and hiring freezes in 2009

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How Real-Time Business Intelligence Pumps up the Volume for Sales

Delivering BI data to the retail floor increased music and video sales for Virgin Megastore

GE CIO Gets His Head in the Cloud for New SaaS Supply Chain App

Think a SaaS application can't handle GE's massive supply chain needs, including how to manage $55 billion in spending with suppliers? GE's CIO has already proven you wrong. One more thing: He's liking Google Docs, too.

How a Job Search Led Jason Alba to Start JibberJobber

Jason Alba, a laid off general manager from a software company, was looking for a new job when he stumbled upon the idea for JibberJobber, a Web-based career management tool for job seekers that he launched in May 2006. This is his...

Vendor Management: How to Negotiate Contracts

Don't accept "standard" vendor contracts until you weigh the risk and potential costs. These tips will help you negotiate contracts that offer protection to you—the purchaser—as well as the vendor.

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