CIO Magazine: May 1, 2009

Winners of the 2009 Ones to Watch Awards

Honoring the next generation of IT leaders and the CIOs who have fostered their talents

The Judges of the 2009 Ones to Watch Awards

Introducing the esteemed panel of judges, drawn from the ranks of the CIO Executive Council, who judged the 2009 awards

Forging Good Leaders in Bad Times

Leadership development doesn't stop when the going gets tough. If anything, investing in the next generation matters now more than ever.

Singing in the Lifeboats

Even in a tough economy, CIOs need to remain optimistic and continue to develop future leaders

Growing Gen-Y Leaders

Why you need to give your millennials real leadership responsibilities.

How Managers Can Connect with Generation Y

Purdue CIO Gerry MecCartney advises constant feedback, questioning old rules and framing responsibility and mission for Millennial IT staff

New Technology in a Down Economy

Even in a tough economy, people are still turning to technology and science to better the world and drive business value.


Desktop Management: How UnitedHealth Used Standardization to Cut Costs

UnitedHealth Group's Hercules program helped manage growth through acquisition and save money by standardizing desktop management

How Motorola Uses Prediction Markets to Choose Innovations

Employees use prediction markets to vote up product ideas and productivity improvements they think should be selected for development


Home Healthcare Devices Help Patients Stay out of the Hospital

Remote devices allow patients to monitor their health at home and reduce hospital visits.

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