CIO Magazine: May 1, 2009

How Motorola Uses Prediction Markets to Choose Innovations

Employees use prediction markets to vote up product ideas and productivity improvements they think should be selected for development


Home Healthcare Devices Help Patients Stay out of the Hospital

Remote devices allow patients to monitor their health at home and reduce hospital visits.

Jet Blue's Founder Starts Over With IT at Azul

David Neeleman, Jet Blue's founder, applies what he learned about IT to Azul, the airline he launched last year.

Plan an Outsourcing Deal's End at Its Beginning

Plan ahead to ensure a successful exit for you and the vendor.


Being Green Brings in the Greenbacks, Say IDC and Atos

Companies in Europe serious about going green were rewarded with a 2 percent higher profit margin compared to others in the same industry, according to a survey done in Europe by IDC and IT services company Atos Origin.

Tough Times Yield New Role: Private Equity Partner

How CIOs can leverage their skills to become a private equity partner

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