CIO Magazine: May 15, 2009

Failure and What You Can Learn from It

Failure makes better leaders. But no one goes looking for it, especially now. Seasoned CIOs offer lessons for avoiding failure or coping if it's beyond your control.

To Avoid Failure, First Define Success

Project management tools can measure whether you're achieving your goals. But you have to know what you want to accomplish

How to Manage a Stressed Staff

Tips for handling work conflicts triggered by job loss fears

How to Negotiate a Severance Deal, Catch up on Tweets and Promote Your Work to Your Boss

Quick tips from how to negotiate a severance deal to the best way to self-promote your work to your boss.

Mind Maps Fuel Productivity

Mind mapping should top your list of personal productivity tools

The Many Ways to Fail

How failure results in lessons learned.

Now is the Best Time to Start a Business

Many of today's biggest companies opened their doors when other businesses were closing theirs.


Obama Stimulus Bill Effects Will Take Time

Outside of healthcare, broadband and utlities industries, impact of federal spending on IT is unlikely to have an immediate impact.


What CIOs Need to Know about Desktop Video Conferencing

Practical advice from Purdue Pharma CIO Larry Pickett

Applied Materials: Looking to Flexible Offshoring Deals to Survive

The Applied Materials IT department had cut costs by 35 percent before the company was hit with the semiconductor slump and worldwide recession. So CIO Ron Kifer had to get creative, renegotiating with offshore providers and easing up...

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