CIO Magazine: June 1, 2009

Making IT Fun Again

How a little levity went a long way at Schneider Electric.

Early Cloud Adopters Ride Out Hype Cycle

Pressure for flexibility, savings and speed are driving up CIO interest in cloud computing. But these grizzled veterans of the tech hype wars say they won't be won over by big promises.

Cloud Vendors: Comparison of Amazon EC2, Google, Skytap and VMware

A sample of cloud service providers, their price structure and major features

Today's Netbooks Are a Hard Sell for CIOs

Netbooks are best for checking e-mail and looking up information online, but don't fill the bill for information creation.


Amazon to Release Kindle for Newspapers, the New York Times and the Washington Post announce Kindle for online news subscribers.

Bulletproofing the IT Budget

CFOs offer advice to CIOs on creating a winning budget and setting financial strategy.


How BPM Paid Off for Wells Fargo

Working group approach cut costs and improved collaboration.

Hospital Saves With Speech Recognition Tool

Voice tech cuts transcription time and costs

How Beth Israel Saved with Voice Recognition Technology

Voice tech cuts transcription time and costs

Are You a Bear Market CIO?

In a tough economy, toss out bull market strategies and take a new approach to business development

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