CIO Magazine: July 1, 2009

Obama's Cybersecurity Coordinator Has Broad Agenda

Review of security needs provides a long list of issues to address.

System Security: 5 Ways to Improve Your Defenses Against Attack

A former Air Force CIO highlights practical ways to improve system and network security

Three Tips for Hearing about Jobs from Recruiters

Mark Polansky breaks down the dos and don'ts when working with recruiters.

Why CIOs and IT Need a Vacation

When the economy finally recovers, workplace stress will only rise. CIOs should set a good example for their staff and rest up with a week off, now.

Obama's Cybersecurity Push: What It Means for CIOs

President Obama aims to fix U.S. cybersecurity, but can the feds hit a moving target? Not without private sector support and practical solutions.

What Your IT Budget Says About Your Organization's Value

Can anyone tell what IT contributes to your business just by looking at your budget? If they can't, you're less effective than you could be.


Beyond Virtualization: How Raytheon's IT Department Helps Meet Green Goals

Raytheon's Green IT initiative started with data center virtualization. But today's Green IT initiatives encompass system development and business efficiency.

Hot Jobs: Capacity Manager

Helps to ensure sufficient IT resources to support the business.

Global Work Experience As A Career Boost

Time spent working abroad can often provide critical experience and lead to great career opportunities. But making the transition isn't as easy as you think. CIOs share their experiences.


Rapid Prototyping Provides Innovation that Fits at the New York Times

The New York Times pins its future on rapid prototyping of digital products and services.

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