CIO Magazine: August 1, 2009

2009 CIO 100: How Focusing on Customers, Collaboration and Cost Control Delivers Business Value

The 2009 CIO 100 winners invested in systems to improve relationships with customers, enhance collaboration among employees and keep costs in line.

How to Break Your Public Speaking PowerPoint Addiction

By nixing the bullet points and PowerPoint slides from your presentation, you'll gain back your audience and make your speech more memorable.

How to help employees deal with economy anxiety

Management consultant and psychotherapist Morrie Shechtman offers advice for managers dealing with employee stress from a tough economy

How to Get an Outside Mentor, Use Hashtags in Twitter and Ensure Good Job References

Quick tips ranging from finding a mentor to securing a positive reference from a previous employer.

How CIOs Can Foster Innovation in IT

CIO 100 Award-Winning CIOs share their advice for inspiring the development of new technologies and innovative thinking within your IT department

5 Things CIOs Need to Know About Mainframe Modernization

It may make more sense to migrate than modernize, and other advice to keep in mind if mainframe modernization is on your agenda now.

How Washington, D.C. Is Using IT to Clean the Streets

Putting license-plate recognition technology and cameras on street sweepers helps the District of Columbia Department of Public Works, a CIO 100 winner, to get illegally parked cars—along with dirt and grime—off the streets

How UPS Is Scanning and Printing Its Way to Savings

A partnership with HP to create a wearable scanning and printing device is saving UPS millions and improving productivity.

Honoring Innovation

The 2009 CIO 100 Awards honor technology innovation projects, delivering business value for today.

Is the Amazon Kindle Good For Business?

The Amazon Kindle and other e-readers have potential as a business device. But they need more capabilities to catch on in the enterprise.

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