CIO Magazine: August 1, 2009

How Washington, D.C. Is Using IT to Clean the Streets

Putting license-plate recognition technology and cameras on street sweepers helps the District of Columbia Department of Public Works, a CIO 100 winner, to get illegally parked cars—along with dirt and grime—off the streets

How UPS Is Scanning and Printing Its Way to Savings

A partnership with HP to create a wearable scanning and printing device is saving UPS millions and improving productivity.

Honoring Innovation

The 2009 CIO 100 Awards honor technology innovation projects, delivering business value for today.

Is the Amazon Kindle Good For Business?

The Amazon Kindle and other e-readers have potential as a business device. But they need more capabilities to catch on in the enterprise.

Customer-Vendor Alignment

Customers and vendors need to work together to align strategies and strengthen partnerships.


A New Business Model for a Wal-Mart Supplier

Wal-Mart Canada supplier Stork Craft Manufacturing, a CIO 100 winner, developed an online consumer sales channel that helps both companies sell more baby furniture.


Time to Set End Users Free

IT departments can have more money to invest in strategic business Online hed: Let End Users Buy Their Own Tech applications if CIOs let end users provision themselves, says the former CIO of Motorola.


Microsoft's Mundie Describes Computing Shift

In the future, computers will do more work automatically for people, rather than reacting to human input, Microsoft's head of research and strategy said on Monday.

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