CIO Magazine: September 1, 2009

Expand Your Brand

The benefits of social media outweigh the downsides. It's time for CIOs to reach out.

From Cloud Computing to Shared Services: Why CIOs Are Taking a New Look at Sharing IT Infrastructure and Applications

Sharing IT services with other companies in your industry is back in vogue, thanks to cloud computing, the economy and new ways to collaborate.

Legal Considerations for Shared Services

Choose a corporate model that reflects the mission of your shared services group

WAN Optimization: Maximizing a Global Investment

How WAN optimization helps Läntmannen, a global agriculture cooperative, reduce telecom costs.

How to Best Hold Managers Accountable

Help desk receiving frequent complaints? Roger Connors and Tom Smith, authors of How Did That Happen, offer advice.

Five Resume Musts For Future CIOs

CIOs share the work experience they would most like to see on the resumes of future CIOs.

How to Manage Layoff Survivor Syndrome

Three management tips for helping employees cope with worklife after layoffs.

The Cost of Data Management

Core factors that are driving enterprise data growth today.

Shared Purpose

Shared services provide new possibilities for the hotel industry.

A Small Texas Town Gets Smart with Phones

Using mobile phones as scanners, the town of Manor, Tx., is improving government efficiency and communication with its residents.

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