CIO Magazine: September 1, 2009


How to Make IT-Business Alignment a Reality

To make IT-business alignment a reality, CIOs advise embedding IT staff in the business, focusing on business processes and leveraging business mentors.

How to Sever Bad Vendor Relationships

The CIO of the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund advises mid-market IT leaders on how to walk away

Taking Customer Care to Heart

Aflac CIO Gerald Shields shares how he found a model for customer service in the loss of his daughter's cherished horse.

Expand Your Brand

The benefits of social media outweigh the downsides. It's time for CIOs to reach out.

Download Stakeholder Relationship Worksheet

One CIO shares his method for tracking how to most effectively work with decision-making executives.

From Cloud Computing to Shared Services: Why CIOs Are Taking a New Look at Sharing IT Infrastructure and Applications

Sharing IT services with other companies in your industry is back in vogue, thanks to cloud computing, the economy and new ways to collaborate.

Legal Considerations for Shared Services

Choose a corporate model that reflects the mission of your shared services group

WAN Optimization: Maximizing a Global Investment

How WAN optimization helps Läntmannen, a global agriculture cooperative, reduce telecom costs.

How to Best Hold Managers Accountable

Help desk receiving frequent complaints? Roger Connors and Tom Smith, authors of How Did That Happen, offer advice.

Five Resume Musts For Future CIOs

CIOs share the work experience they would most like to see on the resumes of future CIOs.

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