CIO Magazine: September 15, 2009

Remote Public Speaking The Right Way

Hosting a Webinar presents unique demands when it comes to holding your audience's attention. Here are some tricks to conquering the Webcast format.

Three Minute Coach

How to keep your team from getting distracted by social networking.

CIO Uses Her Skills in Service to State of Delaware

Suzanne Peck, CIO of the Washington DC MATA, offered her services pro-bono to her homestate of Delaware, helping to review government services and balance its budget.

Goal Setting: How CIOs Can Avoid Pitfalls

Ambitious goal setting may be popular but it has its perils. Dr. Maurice E. Schweitzer, associate professor of operations and information management at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Management research outlines...

Getting More Value from Offshore Vendors

Apply these simple criteria to evaluate potentially strategic partners

Unified Communications Promises Much, But Does It Deliver?

Unified communications can save time, cut costs and improve collaboration, but the tricky part is choosing the right combination of tools.

Unifying Forces

How unified communications are expanding today.

How to Manage Hourly Paid Work

Defining the hourly wage in today's tech-enabled environment.


How Lone Star Colleges Consolidated Services and Boosted Uptime

Using Efficiencies to Fund Improvements

5 Things You Need to Know About Smartphone Security

Smartphones are easier to lose than laptops. Here are some tips to keep your corporate data safe.

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