CIO Magazine: October 15, 2009

Why Security Matters Now

Social networking and cloud computing threats abound, our annual Global Information Security Survey finds, making information security important once again to business leaders.

Storm Warnings

Why Online Security Threats Matter


Cloud Computing: How TransUnion Makes Money from Its Private Cloud

Credit reporting giant TransUnion replaced custom-developed services with cloud computer capabilities for its customers.


IT-Enabled Translation Services Are Part of the Growth Formula

IT tools help make translation services more efficient as companies expand to foreign markets.

5 Things You Need to Know about Software-as-a-Service Contracts

How CIOs can guarantee secure SaaS contracts.

How Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center Rebuilt its Facility

Engaging stakeholders in a board game helped prioritize high-tech amenities.

IBM's "The New Voice of the CIO" Survey Reveals Innovative CIOs

Survey Results show how CIOs are spending their time and what they're doing to maintain and increase competitive advantage.

Let Your Hands Do the Talking

Your gestures, expressions and body language all speak volumes. But are you really listening?

Three-Minute Coach

How to assess a potential employer's office space to determine whether its corporate culture suits you

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