CIO Magazine: October 15, 2009

Partners: Find the Right One and Improve Your Career

New research by Gallup executives suggests partnerships make us happier at work and can improve your career potential.

Doing Less With Less

How to maximize value with lowers costs.

Identity Theft: 7 Tips for Complying with FTC Red Flag Rules

The FTC's Red Flag Rules for reducing fraud due to identity theft take effect on November 1. Here's what you need to do to make sure you comply.


Study: US Retains IT Edge, but Broadband Needs Work

The U.S. still ranks first in the IT industry competitiveness index, but the lack of a broadband infrastructure and tightened immigration policies could threaten its lead, according to an annual studysponsored by the Business Software...


Forrester: Social Networking Grows Up

Companies can begin to target people over the age of 34 with media campaigns that leverage social networks as that age group has become the largest segment using Facebook, Twitter and other social media, a new study from Forrester...

Q&A: Andrew McAfee, who coined "Enterprise 2.0," on What's Next

Web 2.0 apps such as blogs, wikis and social networks have come a long way inside businesses for the purposes of collaboration since Harvard Business School professor Andrew McAfee coined the term "Enterprise 2.0" a few years ago. In...

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