CIO Magazine: November 1, 2009

2009 CIO Hall of Fame Honorees

This year's Hall of Fame honorees shine with purpose and passion to advance the next generation of IT leaders.

2009 CIO Hall of Fame Finalists & Judges

This Year's Hall of Fame honorees were judged by 15 former inductees. Our 13 finalists are also listed below.

Leadership Legacy

This year's Hall of Fame honorees share a mission to accelerate IT and enable business success.

Three-Minute Coach

Steps to avoid feeling burned out.

How CIOs Can Stay Tech-Savvy

As the business side clamors for constant attention, it's easy for CIOs to lose sight of their roots: technology. And brushing up on your skills can be easier than you think.

How Scottrade Got Workers to Love Social Networking

An intranet revamp was the catalyst for enterprise deployment of social networking tools such as Facebook-style home pages, blogs and wikis.


5 Tips for Using Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive analytics can help you make better business decisions, but only if you understand its limitations.

Business Intelligence: How Analyzing ERP Data Helped a Retailer to Get More Value from Suppliers

A BI project using ERP data allowed furniture retailer Slumberland to find its most profitable suppliers

How Northrop Grumman Minimized Spending on Contract Labor

By centralizing labor contract management, Northrop Grumman saved millions.

Why Even CIOs Need Smart Friends

Regardless of how senior you are, there's someone that knows more than you do. We asked CIOs at Parexel, USG and elsewhere for their best relationship-building techniques.

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