CIO Magazine: November 15, 2009

Globalization: New Management Challenges Facing IT leaders

As the globalization wave reaches emerging markets, IT leaders face new mangement challenges. Here's advice on how to balance the competing—and often conflicting—needs of established and developing business locations.

Are You Qualified to Be a Global CIO?

Globalization demands CIOs who can manage IT in rapidly developing markets. Rigid thinkers need not apply.

6 Globalization Tips: Managing IT in Emerging Markets

Forrester Research offers best practices for meeting the needs of both mature and emerging markets.

The Global CIO Job Description

How the CIO role breaks down.

IT Security: A Practical Approach to Protecting Trade Secrets

Trade secret protection depends upon close cooperation between IT security and your company's lawyers.

Pay for What You Get

Will Cloud Computing charge based on usage?


An IT Governance Process That's Weighted for Growth

After a merger, education publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt devised an IT governance process that gives more weight to revenue-generating projects


New Markets: Apps That Use Your Phone to Fight Credit Card Fraud

SMS service notifies customers when their cards are charged, helping them identify fraudulent transactions faster.

The Top Line Interview: Betsy Burton

A distinguished analyst at Gartner fast-forwards to the future of the CIO


CRM: How Marriott Broke Down Customer Data Siloes

Integrating customer data from multiple brands enabled the hotelier to craft unique offers for customers and exceed sales goals.

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