CIO Magazine: January 1, 2010

Honest Feedback for Public Speakers: How to Get It and Give It

Speakers crave useful critiques of their talks yet most people shy away from offering helpful feedback. But good speakers are always looking to fine-tune their craft.

2010 State of the CIO: Today's Focus for IT Departments - Business Opportunities

The recession has deepened CIO understanding of and commitment to business beyond IT. It's not just about installing BI tools or upgrading ERP, but about working side by side with other company leaders to build IT into new goods and...

The Future-State CIO Starts Here

Why an external focus is the right way for IT leaders to stay relevant

Alignment 2010

What's in store for 2010 business/IT alignment.


Designed for Growth

Rolls-Royce needed technology to support global expansion. But new business processes had to come first.

Five Things You Need to Know About Social Engineering

How hackers can steal your data.

DIY Outsourcing Saves Money, Adds Control

Pricey consultants can be time savers but there are benefits—beyond penny pinching—to crafting your own outsourcing deal.

How Using Open-Source Software Can Affect Your Company's Value

Understanding and complying with open-source licensing requirements is critical to preserving your company's value during an IPO or acquisition

Notable Vendors

A brief look at smaller vendors with innovative customer solutions.

Connecting Points: Takeaways from CIO Executive Council Workshops

Getting a seat at the executive table is common for CIOs, but even those who are there have to learn how to define their role as business strategist.

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