CIO Magazine: February 1, 2010

ERP: How and Why You Need to Manage It Differently

Enterprise Resource Planning has become a legacy system. That means simpler implementation, reduced maintenance costs and integrating new technologies.

A New Source of ERP Value

CIOs want better integration of analytics for data insight.

Hiring Managers: Personal Networks Hold Hiring Power for CIOs

CIOs in the know have learned that paying regular attention to your personal network can produce tangible results when it comes time to hire direct reports

Rescue Mission: How To Grow Your Business With No Budget

Former heads of IT from Liberty Mutual and Keystone Automotive offer advice for CIOs faced with trying to innovate on a reduced budget.

What's Happening with ERP Today

Today's ERP systems call for different management.

Questions You Need Answered Before Going Cloud

Cloud computing offers tempting affordability, but legal quandaries abound surrounding e-discovery. Experts advise CIOs to ask questions of their vendors up front.

A Big Year for "Socialytic" Applications?

IDC's Predictions 2010 expects a rise in these new applications.

IT's "New Normal"

New applications and solutions lead IT into the 21st century's 2nd decade.

Port of Los Angeles Fights Crime With Mobile Video

Los Angeles harbor police are deploying mobile video as a new tool for securing the nation's busiest cargo port.


Using Predictive Analytics to Tap More Profitable Customers

Auto loan provider Dealer Services used predictive analytics to find its most profitable customers and avoid the riskiest.

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