CIO Magazine: February 1, 2010

A Big Year for "Socialytic" Applications?

IDC's Predictions 2010 expects a rise in these new applications.

IT's "New Normal"

New applications and solutions lead IT into the 21st century's 2nd decade.

Port of Los Angeles Fights Crime With Mobile Video

Los Angeles harbor police are deploying mobile video as a new tool for securing the nation's busiest cargo port.


Using Predictive Analytics to Tap More Profitable Customers

Auto loan provider Dealer Services used predictive analytics to find its most profitable customers and avoid the riskiest.


New Markets: The Wisdom of Your Crowd

Software lets you tap ideas that customers give each other.

5 Things You Need to Know about Platform as a service

Tips for understanding how it works and why it's needed.

Business Technology Management Challenges

CIOs need an updated leadership model to increase IT's intimacy with the business.

CIO's December 2009 Economic Impact Survey Results

Our exclusive survey of heads of IT suggests budgets are continuing to stabilize and large companies, at least, are opening their checkbooks


IBM: Consumers Demand More Interactivity

Consumers want more retail stores to be more interactive and personalized online, a new survey from IBM has found.


How to Improve Your IT Planning in 2010

For long-term IT effectiveness, leaner planning processes will help CIOs spend more time leading, and less time planning, says's Chris Curran. Consider this practical advice for tweaking your planning process.

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