CIO Magazine: March 1, 2010

Newtonian Markets

Vendor actions and reactions.

Connecting Points: Takeaways from CIO Executive Council Workshops

While the cloud computing buzz continues to grow, CIOs are taking a measured approach to make the move effectively and safely


Zappos tries video sharing to boost sales

The retailer bets that sharing video of the products it sells and helping customers share their own will put shoppers in the mood to spend.


Web Conferencing: Next-Gen Tools Go Beyond Screen Sharing

Global teams could benefit from evolving web conferencing tools that allow individuals to jointly use browser-based apps.


Why You Need a Smartphone Application Strategy

It's only a matter of time before employees want to use their smartphones for everything. So CIOs need to start thinking about smartphone apps as part of their enterprise application strategy.

IT Budgets: It's Time to Rethink Your Chargebacks

Allocating IT costs across business units should take into account their profitability and their use of technology.

Green IT: CIOs Can Demand Sustainability from Vendors

When it comes to greening the supply chain, Pamela Rucker, VP of IT at PSC, demands proof of vendors' environmental claims.

Compliance Under a Cloud

Cloud services buyers beware: vendors must address security regulations


Virtual Applications for a Global Workplace

What Quintiles did to provide users access to their complete work environment anywhere in the world at any time.

Citrix's Vision for the Virtualized Enterprise

Virtualization software vendor Citrix bets partnerships with rivals will help it capture a larger share of the enterprise.

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