CIO Magazine: April 1, 2010

CIOs Need A Pep Talk From Stuart Smalley

You’re good enough, you’re smart enough and doggone it, people like you! It may be easy to be defensive in IT, but CIOs’ self-defeating self-image affects how business sees the whole business unit.


Tablet Computers: Five Things You Need to Know

Apple’s iPad brings tablet computers back into the limelight but will these devices fulfill your needs?

Why Crowdsourcing Isn't Always Wise

Jaron Lanier, the futurist and virtual reality pioneer, thinks technology decisions shouldn't be made collectively.


Using Portfolio Management to Meet Company Goals

If you're doing a good job at portfolio management, you'll choose IT investments that help achieve corporate goals, even if they don't have the largest ROI.

Data Storage: Delphi Capital Management Opts for Cloud Solutions

How Phil Mentesana, chief technology officer at Delphi Capital Management, replaced the company’s clunky, tape-based data backup process with online storage solutions.

How Evolving Business Strategies Are Changing the Nasdaq CIO’s Role

At Nasdaq OMX, changing business strategies means the CIO is responsible not only for operational efficiency, but also for turning a profit. This makes the company an ideal laboratory in which to observe the evolution of the CIO role....


Build Up Your Influence

Establish credibility and create strong relationships early while working with stakeholders.


How QVC Rings Up Sales with Mobile Commerce

Retailer QVC, a mobile commerce leader, keeps shopping from smartphones simple.


Forensics Tools Help Companies Investigate Intrusions Remotely

For global companies, forensics applications provide another weapon in the security arsenal.

Bouncing Back

A look at company failures during the recession.

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