CIO Magazine: May 15, 2010

Three Steps to Performance Review Prep

Windy Warner, President of Procoach offers her advice for how to get the most out of your performance review.

Cloud Computing: What CIOs Need to Know About Integration

When combining cloud computing services with internal systems, confusion reigns. The reasons: lack of standards, concerns about availability and the potential for vendor lock-in.

Self-Promotion: Learning the Right Way to Brag

Tooting your own horn is critical to career advancement. Get expert advice on how to promote yourself without coming off as arrogant.

Net Neutrality: Time to Get it Right

Using the Internet to transfer rich media means guzzling bandwidth. Setting price per use makes sense.

Cloud Integration Triggers Familiar Headaches

There’s no easy way to integrate on-premise systems with the cloud or multiple clouds with each other.


Testing the Benefits of High-Speed Internet Access

Case Western Reserve University pilots a program to prove that high-speed Internet access leads to a better standard of living.


Storage Virtualization: When to Invest

Storage virtualization adds to your costs, but if your goal is to manage your storage networks more efficiently, it pays off

SOX Compliance: New Tool for Easier Audits

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance can mean a messy paper trail. New tools help automate your workflow, providing faster documentation.


ERP Systems: How Hard Can It Be to Select One?

Senior business leaders are saying it’s time to replace that outdated ERP system, but it needs to be done cheaply and quickly. The former CIO of Keystone Automotive and former CTO of Liberty Mutual offer their advice.

Cloud Computing: 5 Emerging Standards

These major cloud computing standards efforts offer insight into how vendors may handle cloud interoperability