CIO Magazine: June 15, 2010

CIOs Should Think Horizontal, not Vertical for Stack Architecture

CIO magazine publisher emeritus Gary Beach thinks changing governance rules to make horizontal silos makes better business sense.

Give Slackers a Kick in the Pants

Robert Hewes, an executive coach with Camden Consulting Group, advises CIOs on how to foster positive change in under-performing team members.

How to Travel Greener, Polish Your Résumé and Clean Your iPhone Microphone

Tips and tricks to make your life easier.

It Pays to Say You’re Sorry

Owning up to your mistakes can improve your business relationships and yield results.

Want to Be a CIO? Be Prepared to Answer These Questions

CEOs want to learn how much a potential CIO is focused on business strategy and market growth. If you want the job, be ready to answer these questions.

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