CIO Magazine: July 1, 2010

Download model for transitioning to a global IT organization

How Schneider Electric mapped North American IT staff to a new, global structure


Globalization: IT Tools to Collaborate and Bridge Language Gaps

How BBK Worldwide uses graphics software to bridge language gaps and collaborate with doctors to recruit patients globally for clinical trials.


How Content Management Systems and Enterprise Search Promote Product Innovation

By integrating its content management system with enterprise search tools, BioMérieux hopes to uncover opportunities to develop new products

Hire the Team You Deserve

Novo Nordisk's Head of IT discusses the importance of performing due diligence in the hiring process.

Application Modernization Can Provide CIOs with Peace of Mind

A roundtable with 25 CIOs yields some good advice for tackling application modernization.

BI: Useful Analytics Delivers Many Gifts

Dedication to business intelligence and data analytics yields customers, productivity and credibility for IT.

BI Moves to the Cloud

CIO survey finds one in five plan to move analytics off-premise in the next three years.


Take on Business Responsibility to Become a Stronger IT Leader

CIOs around the world find their leadership skills grow with expanded corporate accountability and targeted customer focus


Should Fuel Cells Power Your Data Center?

Fuel cells are highly reliable and environmentally friendly, making them attractive to companies that want a greener data center. But they aren't for everyone.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Yields ROI

Using cloud services like Iland for disaster recovery produced quick financial returns for Help at Home.

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