CIO Magazine: August 1, 2010

Moving The Daily Show and Colbert to HD: 5 Change Management Lessons

It's no joke to manage the technology project that will shift two of today's highest-profile comedy shows to HDTV. Here, the project leader shares 5 keys to change management success.

Bringing IT and the Business Together

CIOs use language, metrics and advocacy to bridge the separation between their departments and the rest of the company

2010 CIO 100 Awards: Beyond IT Value, Creating Lasting Innovation for Business Growth

The 2010 CIO 100 winners move beyond IT value, using technology to build new revenue streams, engage customers and speed decision making for lasting business growth.


How Your ERP System Can Help Your Company Manage Its Energy Use

ERP data provides the key to cutting energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions for the City of Palo Alto


You Are Not Your Vendor

It’s too risky to commit to any technology platform, whether it’s Windows or BlackBerrys. Keeping your business competitive requires flexibility.


An IT Department’s Crucial Role in a New Product Launch

Monsanto had six months to launch a new product. The company needed its IT department to make it happen.


Aging in Place Technologies Offer Business Opportunities

New technologies designed to help seniors stay in their homes provides a homebuilder with a business opportunity.

Why the CIO Is a Business Executive First, then a Technologist

For Healthways CEO Ben Leedle Jr., the CIO’s job isn’t just to run IT. It’s turning the company’s strategy into reality.

Unified Communications: Getting End Users On Board

Now that enterprise customers are buying in, how can they get their user adoption rates up?

How Citigroup Tackled a Global Network Overhaul in One Year

With 200 million customers in 140 countries, overhauling Citi’s IT spine meant reigning in multiple complicated processes

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