CIO Magazine: August 1, 2010

Unified Communications: Getting End Users On Board

Now that enterprise customers are buying in, how can they get their user adoption rates up?

How Citigroup Tackled a Global Network Overhaul in One Year

With 200 million customers in 140 countries, overhauling Citi’s IT spine meant reigning in multiple complicated processes

Is This the End of IT as We Know it?

With every recession the pendulum swings back and forth between centralization and decentralization. What’s it going to be this time?

CIO 100 Award Winners Generate Business Ideas With Lasting Impact

From PNC Financial Services Group to Proctor & Gamble, this year’s CIO 100 winners have developed innovative ideas that pay long-term dividends.

New Tech Allows CIOs to Envision Growth

From Facebook to the iPad, tech advances have turned former pipe dreams into achievable goals. CIOs must not forget to tie IT innovation to business value.

Download Global Infrastructure Outsourcing Governance Model

This process ensures constant joint oversight from Hess and its infrastructure vendor


When Downsizing Goes Too Far

An online retail business built its most critical systems in-house when resources were plentiful. But today the business has downsized considerably. Can IT still regain lost ground?

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