CIO Magazine: September 1, 2010

Focus Succession Planning on Business Value

Toyota Motor America CIO Barbra Cooper wants to develop leaders who can deliver value for the next 20 years

Stop Educating the Business and Start Delivering Value

When it comes to convincing executives of IT’s value, CIOs need to stop explaining what they’re doing and just do it.


How CIOs Raise Stakeholder Expectations of IT

To close the gap between what businesses need and the leadership IT can provide, CIOs enhance partnerships and counter old perceptions.

Download tips for women, from women, on advancing in IT

Female IT executives provide their top professional and personal advice for women in all stages of their technology leadership career

What CIOs Look for in an Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architects need strong business and technical skills, and years of experience.


Why Agile Development Leads to Business Success

No new venture can succeed unless IT development methods are aligned with business innovation processes.


A New Wireless Brew

Reversing course, Starbucks decides free Wi-Fi is essential to bringing customers to its stores.


Cloud Storage: How it Helps Companies Expand Globally

Cloud storage can help companies get operations up and running quickly in a new location.

How Cloud Computing and Mobile Devices Are Changing Your Application Strategy

Delivering applications on any device—whether desktops or smartphones—and from any location calls for rethinking your enterprise architecture


Third-Party Software Maintenance: Five Things You Need to Know

Big savings are promised, but are there trade-offs to bypassing vendor support in lieu of third-party support providers like Rimini Street?

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