CIO Magazine: September 15, 2010

Rural Outsourcing: Why It’s Better in Des Moines

When it comes to total cost of ownership, outsourcing stateside to Iowa or Arkansas trumps offshoring for some CIOs.

How Kiosks Cut Patient Wait Times at Walk-in Clinics

When The Little Clinic switched from paper-based check-ins to a new kiosk system that populates its EMRs, it gained an hour of patient time and saved $12,000 a month

IT Fuels Ford’s Dramatic Turnaround

Ford’s unified vision, facilitated by IT, is bringing the company back to profitability without a bailout.

Twitter-Skeptical CIOs, Come Back!

CIO publisher emeritus Gary Beach once ditched Twitter. But after several CIOs touted social media tools like the microblogging site as the most game-changing technology, he decided to give it another chance.

How to Be a Good Panel Moderator

Managing a discussion on stage is a valuable skill. Here’s three ways to improve.

Leadership Development on a Shoestring

Even with limited resources, you can provide effective leadership training for your team by following these three suggestions.

How a Global IT Revamp Is Fueling Ford’s Turnaround

Ford’s revamped IT department provides global shared services and is deploying consumer tech in new vehicles to cut costs, attract customers and restore profit.


How CIOs Can Contribute to Developing Eco-Friendly Products

Consumers want sustainability built into the products they buy. IT can make that happen.


CRM: What to Consider When Choosing Between SaaS and On-Premise Systems

SaaS-based CRM applications may cost less, but on-premise software is more easily integrated with other enterprise systems

CIOs: Empower Your Employees’ Use of Consumer Tech

If you embrace employees who mine new technology to serve their customers, you’ll benefit the business.

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