CIO Magazine: September 15, 2010

CIOs: Empower Your Employees’ Use of Consumer Tech

If you embrace employees who mine new technology to serve their customers, you’ll benefit the business.


How Cox Communications Uses SaaS Scheduling Software to Get the Cable Guy to Show Up On Time

SaaS scheduling software combined with analytics helps the $9 billion company reprogram customer service.


Five Things You Need To Know About IPv6

As IPv4 addresses continue to dwindle, the day of the IPv6 transition is imminent.

The New New CIO Role: Big Changes Ahead

It's make-or-break transformation time for CIOs. Those who can only take orders are being ousted. Those who seek to become true strategic business leaders should concentrate on four key areas.

How the Cloud Changed World's Oldest Newspaper

Take a look at the all-in cloud strategy of the Telegraph Media Group. It's an instructive lesson in how rapidly the business world is changing and why IT must take an approach that supports it.

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