CIO Magazine: October 1, 2010

Taking on IT Leadership in a New World

CIOs must serve internal­—even technical—needs while focusing on external value if they are to be the IT leaders their businesses need

The Internet of Things: How CIOs Can Influence the Next Wave of Product Innovation

CIOs must seize the opportunity created by new data streams from smart products—the Internet of Things—to put IT at the center of business innovation

Download Best Practices for Advancing the CIO Role

Survey results help identify how CIOs are shifting their primary focus from the internal and functional to the enterprise and transformational, and ultimately to the external and business strategy.


How to Adopt Consumer Tech for Efficiency

CIOs open the gates to consumer devices in pursuit of widespread productivity

FTC Considers Allowing Consumers to Opt Out of Behavioral Marketing

CIOs may need to handle another compliance issue with data-sharing restrictions under discussion

Cloud Computing for a Crowd

Chubb devised an innovation process using a cloud-based crowdsourcing tool that is delivering ideas for new products and customer-facing services.


Healthcare IT: How Reform Is Giving CIOs A More Strategic Role in Delivering Patient Care

Electronic health records aren’t enough. Healthcare CIOs need to apply technology to coordinating patient care and measuring quality.

Dole Fixes A Mission-Critical Application With Monitoring Tools

When Dole Fresh Fruit wasn’t able to ship its product due to the frequent meltdown of its tracking application, it took implementing a new monitoring tool to solve the problem.

ERP Vendor Workday Has Work to Do

The SaaS ERP vendor is targeting legacy ERP vendors, with ambitions to provide a financial management platform for large companies.


Five Things You Need to Know About HTML5

Apple’s early adoption has front-burnered HTML5, and vendors like Adobe and Microsoft and looking for a piece of the action.

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