CIO Magazine: October 1, 2010

CIOs Of The Future Need To Capitalize on New Data Sources

As The Internet of Things paves the way to cars that recognize their driver and washing machines that call in for repairs, CIOs should reach out to colleagues in R&D and be at the forefront of driving business strategy.

Are CIOs Embracing the iPad?

CIO magazine CEO Michael Friedenberg has noticed a surprising number of iPads in the hands of CIOs during his travels.

IT Spending Continues to Rise

CIO’s latest economic survey indicates IT leaders are increasing budgets and investing in applications and mobile

Offshoring: Ways to Reduce Your Risks When Congress, States Threaten Restrictions

Proposed bills in Congress and in state legislatures aim to discourage offshoring, but you can use your contracts to reduce the risk to your company if such measures are enacted.

Twitter Mobile Users Up Over 60 Percent Since April

Twitter's mobile user base has spiked 62 percent since mid-April, thanks in great part to the release of official Twitter applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones.

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