CIO Magazine: October 15, 2010

Why CIOs are Resetting Information Security Priorities

Business partners with shoddy information security. Cloud computing vendors with dubious risk controls. What’s a CIO to do? Our annual Global Information Security Survey tracks the trends.


Private-Cloud Technologies: Five Things You Need to Know

Many CIOs are contemplating establishing private-cloud technologies for their company. Here are five things to consider before you make the move.

Why Promoting from Within Pays Off

Today’s market can make it tempting to search for future stars outside, but by developing your internal resources you’ll save and make a long-term investment.

Lessons in Successful BPM from Lincoln Trust

Rebuild business confidence and trust in IT with innovative BPM strategies.

Desktop Management: CIOs Need To Get User-Centric

With the rise of client virtualization and desktop as a service, CIOs need a more user-centric approach


Two Ways to Build a Better IT Strategy

A CIO at a Fortune 500 company needs to develop strong data governance and data-management capabilities, and a long-term technology strategy. What’s the best way to accomplish this without a staff skilled for this kind of work?

Cloud Computing: For NASA, An Open-Source Cloud Isn’t Rocket Science

NASA’s Nebula open-source cloud computing initiative offers quick infrastructure provisioning. Other services, including a development platform, are in the works, and could potentially save taxpayers millions.


Globalization: Choosing Technology That Fits Your Market

U.S. customers think nothing of going online to buy insurance. But in India, one insurer is tapping an emerging middle class that’s only recently become ready to do business on the Web.


Outsourcing for the Right Reasons

If you’re outsourcing to cut costs, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, reinvest your resources in technologies that can help you compete.

IT Spending: CIOs Explains Their Budget Increases

Businesses are projected to increase technology spending by 8.2 percent in the coming year. What’s caused the turnaround? CIO publisher emeritus Gary Beach talked to CIOs around the country to find out.

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