CIO Magazine: November 1, 2010

What We’re Reading from the Nov. 1, 2010 Issue of CIO Magazine

Books, blogs and research about IT and management

Strategic CIOs Struggle to Achieve Ambitions

A new survey from the CIO Executive Council suggests that while CIOs aspire to be strategic leaders, they lack the time and appropriately trained staff to move out of an operational role.

Providing ROI Faster, Better

Now that executives are convinced that IT can provide business value, CIOs must manage people, projects and change for immediate results

Download Advice on Moving to Google Apps

How one CIO successfully migrated 16,000 global users to the cloud


How Mayo Clinic Doctors Use Smartphones to Diagnose Patients

Neurologists diagnose patients remotely using images delivered to smartphones


Global ERP Rollouts: Management Secrets

How can you smooth the way for local implementations? Members of the CIO Executive Council share their winning strategies.

New Rules for Employees' Mobile Device Privacy

How CIOs should adjust their privacy policies to conform to the Supreme Court’s decision on monitoring employees’ text messages.

Career Turning Points: Keep IT All About the Users

Formative Lessons from Successful IT Leaders - A CIO Executive Council Pathways career development monthly series

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