CIO Magazine: November 15, 2010

Advice For CIOs: Beyond the Obvious

CIO magazine Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson on CIOs who mean business and the lessons they learned that helped them succeed.

IT Certification: It’s Time for a State-Administered Program

Siloed certification programs, mostly dedicated to a vendor, just don’t cut it anymore. CIO magazine publisher emeritus Gary Beach thinks IT execs should hold a standardized certification like other professionals.


Using Business Intelligence to Predict Harry Potter DVD Sales

It’s not magic. Business intelligence is helping Warner Bros. make more accurate sales forecasts for the upcoming Harry Potter DVD.

Taking Business Risks With Your IT Budget

New IT-enabled business models can be created only when CIOs take risks, says Vinnie Mirchandani, an expert in outsourcing and author of a book on disruptive technologies.

How Wi-Fi and Wireless Data-Sharing Cures Patients’ Ills

Cancer Treatment Centers of America seeks to improve patients’ care and quality of life through an all-digital hospital.


Tokenization: Five Things CIOs Need To Know

Data breaches are expensive—they cost an average of $6.75 million per incident, according to one study. One way to reduce the risk is to cut down on the places that handle sensitive data. Enter tokenization.

How FedEx Improved Security, Eased Access

By moving to an identification badge-management application, FedEx simplified its ID process from three badges to one while saving money and boosting security.

Management in India: Three Things You Need to Know

Management Consultant Gunjan Bagla advises CIOs on how best to work with Indian executives and their teams

Great Panelists Misbehave on Stage

Want to learn how to be a stand-out panelist? The best ones speak up, stand out and have fun.

The CIO Activist: Using IT To Improve Lives

San Francisco CIO Chris Vein pushes for social change and seeks to extend broadband access to the masses.

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