CIO Magazine: February 1, 2011


How Social Networking Creates a Collaboration Culture

Thanks to Facebook, people have become willing to share information, creating a workplace culture ready for collaboration. But CIOs need to deploy the right tools.

How British Airways Made Money From IT

British Airways leverages BPM changes into a new revenue stream

What We’re Reading from the February 1, 2011 Issue of CIO Magazine

Books, blogs and research about IT, leadership and management

Three Great Reads for CIOs

Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of IDG Enterprise, offers his latest book recommendations for CIOs.

How the FBI’s CIO is Upgrading the Agency’s Technology

When CIO Chad Fulgham joined the FBI two years ago, his top priority was to upgrade IT. Is it an impossible mission?


Three Ways to Find Fresh IT Ideas on the Cheap

How to learn about emerging technologies without spending lots of time or money

BlackBerry Security Still Plays in the Enterprise

BlackBerry security is still a selling point for CIOs as RIM takes on the iPad

Risk Management: A CIO’s Strategic Role

CIOs have a unique responsibility to identify the systems and data that executives need to manage through a crisis or make decisions in times of rapid change

Do Not Track: Is Government Intervention Necessary?

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission made clear it endorses an online do-not-track tool, while Republican lawmakers and tech companies think a congressional mandate is unnecessary.

FBI CIO’s Mission: Modernize

When he joined the FBI from Lehman Brothers, Chad Fulgham inherited an obsolete IT infrastructure and major project on the brink of failure. Two years later, agents have BlackBerrys and SharePoint, but the work isn’t finished.

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