CIO Magazine: March 1, 2011

Raising Your IT Staff’s Business Smarts

Eisai Senior VP of IT Joel Dobbs says that after a consolidation, CIOs must focus everyone on strategic goals

Helping the Business Better Understand IT

How CIOs are overcoming pushback and silos to establish IT’s leadership role in business transformation


Using Enterprise Transformation to Grow Business Skills

How CIOs are taking advantage of ERP implementations to create and improve partnerships between IT and business staff

iPhone Banking: How USAA Launched New Mobile Apps for Customers

The financial services company built on existing technology to enable iPhone and Android users to deposit checks remotely.

Four Ways to Mitigate Mobile and Cloud Data Leaks

Your CEO may be paranoid about WikiLeaks, but his mobile device and cloud computing are the real threats to corporate security


Five Things You Need to Know About LTE

LTE, or long-term evolution service, is poised to be the new world standard for mobile data. Here are five things that set it apart from its predecessors.

How CIOs Can Enable an Empowered Business

IT will see a lot of change by 2020 and as CIO, you need to help your company get out in front. Here are four keys to success from Forrester Research.

Four Kinds of IT Professionals CIOs Need to Hire Now

Developers of mobile, social media and collaboration apps. Business experts. Cloud-vendor managers. Masters of unstructured data. Why these IT professionals are essential to maintaining your company’s competitive edge.


Why New Technology Demands New Business Models

You’ll get the most from investments in cloud computing, mobile applications and other emerging technology if you apply them to fresh ways of doing business.


What Retailers Can Teach You About Green IT

Retailers get a payoff from sustainability because it’s part of their business strategy. It’s the same lesson companies have learned about investing in technology.

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