CIO Magazine: April 1, 2011

Cloud Computing: Will Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk Platform Appeal to Enterprise CIOs?

With Elastic Beanstalk, enters the platform-as-a-service market with a product designed to lure more enterprise CIOs as customers.

Making Space for Creative Thinking

CIO magazine Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson reflects on our April 1 cover story and the ways technology can hinder or aid strategic decision making.

What We’re Reading from the April 1, 2011, Issue of CIO Magazine

Books, blogs and research about IT, management and research

Three CIO Forums for Peer-to-Peer Resources

CIOs find guidance from their peers to be of the highest value. Here are three forums provided by CIO magazine where CIOs can connect with one another.

Big Data: How a Trucking Firm Drove Out Big Errors

A balkanized IT environment left U.S. Xpress unable to mine its massive and disparate databases. Here's how IT found new ways of grabbing more -- and better -- data on its trucking fleet, saving big money and fueling business agility....

iPad Security: How a Hospital Group Treated Trouble

Take an inside look at how one hospital group is testing and perfecting its prescription for security as its doctors demand to do more work on iPads. One decision: Not all apps are ready yet.

Android's Big Rush Could Sack IT: 5 Preparation Tips

If you think iPhones and iPads are hard to support in the enterprise, just wait for the rush of Android devices that could blindside CIOs. Here's a look at how fast Android devices are coming - and advice to help IT prepare for a bevy...

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