CIO Magazine: April 15, 2011

How the Cloud Can Turn Toxic

Technology attorney Matthew Karlyn tells CIOs how to avoid poisonous cloud contracts

What the Cloud Really Costs: Do You Know?

14 ways CIOs under estimate the costs of cloud computing

Why Cloud Computing Is Not Just a New Name for Outsourcing

When you can buy a sever for 12 cents an hour it changes everything about how you run your IT department

How Cloud Computing Promotes Business Growth

For Coty, IHG, Synaptics and Lojas Renner, using cloud computing is a key part of a strategy to expand business operations and increase profits.

The Hype Was Right on Cloud Computing

Michael Friedenberg, President and CEO of IDG Enterprise, shares data from our recent survey on cloud computing that shows actual adoption is well under way.

CIO Magazine Goes All Cloud, No Fluff

Editor in chief of CIO magazine Maryfran Johnson shares highlights from our special cloud computing issue.

How Cloud Computing Rose From Lehman Brothers’ Ashes

The inside story of how Lehman Brothers is being dismantled in the cloud

6 Biggest Cloud Computing Myths

Think you know what’s great, or not, about the cloud? Don’t be so sure